Adobe Diverse Voice at Cannes

Adobe’s commitment to diverse voices in the creative community includes a commitment to an artist residency program, featuring fellows from a variety of cultures, disciplines, and perspectives. We wanted to amplify this already powerful program by connecting it with Adobe’s sponsorship of the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

In partnership with two Adobe Creative Residents – Laura Zalenga and Temi Corker – we created a on-and-offline photography project profiling the diverse creative community at Cannes. Laura roamed the Palais capturing portraits of and conducting brief interviews with Cannes attendees as they pass by. She paired soulful images with their perspective on the value of diversity in the creative community. Temi, stationed in our cabana studio, reimagined each portrait with a fragmented design template. The final product represented a person formed by the various elements of their character and background.

The portraits were collected and shared as a series via social media channels. Participants were also able to print a physical copy of their portrait at the studio.