The North Face Scar Stories

When you fall, you fail. But failure is not a bad word. Failure is a symptom of pushing yourself to do what was previously impossible. That’s why we partnered with TNF to provide a forum for outdoor enthusiasts to celebrate the bumps, bruises, and scars that are a byproduct of living a life of exploration.

Our Scar Stories event – hosted at the new flagship The North Face store in Boulder – invited outdoor athletes to come together and share their scars’ origin stories. A photo station captured the scar and a branded printout allowed the space to write out the story of how it came to be. These stories were shared via social media and posted on the store wall in tribute to the adventurous spirits they represent.

Throughout the night, North Face athletes took the stage to share their own stories. And open mic sessions in between allowed guests to expand on the stories they tacked to the wall.

At the end of the night, prizes were awarded for stories in various categories, from “Darwin” to “Just a Papercut”